Making Better

Sounds a bit like a hokey self help book title…which I would not argue is going to send folks away screaming. But sincerely – I have found my way and place into looking for and accomplishing some sort of universal balance. I would call it – putting something in the bank for the moment you hope for a return.

At first my approach was relaxing while I was driving – and learning to let folks pass me, politely or not anytime they even thought of changing lanes. Where I live and the route I drive for work leaves this as a challenging task. Challenging until the day I realized how stressful driving had become. I literally opened my wallet of happiness and doled out all I had to any crazed maniac that could capture my attention. Could it really be worth all that?

So my journey began. Driving and driving and more driving  -and lots of breathing. Good things never come easy at first. Brick by brick I built a wall of positive karma. And then one day – I just began to realize that i could only control my car…and that happiness should never be controlled by the person in the other vehicle.


Chapter 2 is a bit deeper and required a more sincere and more valuable investment. But with a bigger investment comes a bigger return.  next entry is totally to focus on my desire to engage strangers of any and all backgrounds as a means of personal fulfillment.  Tune in tomorrow for – “it’s a small world after all” or “Becoming a more better me one conversation at a time.”

Today is the best day ever!




Guess what I hid around the house?